I was born and raised in southern Big Sur, and I have lived in San Luis Obispo County ever since. I started working with wood 8 years ago, and I have been salvaging trees of all species since. I strive to use only "green" or sustainable resources concentrating on windfall trees, urban removals, and any wood that is recyclable. I feel that using local recycled wood for projects helps stop deforestation of the planet. I prefer to use local wood, such as, Sycamore, Cypress, Redwood, and Monterey pine, but I do not limit my work to them. I like to use as many natural live edges as possible in my work giving it a very natural feel and making every piece unique and one of a kind.
In addition to my woodwork, I recently started free-diving in the coastal waters of Big Sur for local nephrite jade. After being inspired by other local artists, I have created jewelry and carvings from my finds.
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